Switch your device or replace your screen up to two times within any 12-month rolling period.

Restart 3.0 provides you the screen replacement service and return to you in as little as one day or switch your device in 6 hours.

Switch or Screen Replacement Update Device information

Here's how it works:

With Restart 3.0, you can submit your request to switch your device or replace the screen through our website or by calling us. We deliver your new or screen replaced device to any residential or office address in Hong Kong for ultimate convenience, and take your device in any condition, giving you total flexibility and peace of mind.

How we help you switch

Submit a service request flow

Two arrows around a device that shows how the switch process allows users to always have a device.

Start Switch or Screen Replacement

Enter a few personal details including your name and ID to begin.

A finger selecting an option on a keyboard.

Service options

Select switch to like-for-like and get exactly the same model or select a new colour; or switch to like-for-similar and try a different device brand or style (subject to availability) or select screen replacement

Punctuation marks above a device to describe a state of a device.

State of Device

Provide some basic details on the current condition of your device.

A pin point on a location that explains that we deliver the device where customers ask us to.

Delivery Summary

Pick a residential or office address and a driver will come to you.

An invoice with a dollar that shows how much customers need to pay.

Payment Details

Enter your credit card details or select bank transfer. Switch the device/screen replacement subject to payment of 28% or 3% of the registered device suggested retail price at the time of applying for this service.

Simply pick the best model to suit your lifestyle.

Phone replacing with a screw driver.

Screen replacement

Damaged? Cracked? Turned yellow? Black spots? No problem! We will replace your screen for any reason.

Frequently asked questions

Restart is a fast, easy & reliable device protection that promises to deliver a switch or replace your screen for any reason. No matter the screen is damaged, cracked, turned yellow or have black spots on it, we will replace your screen. Or you can switch the device if there is water damaged or simply want to change to another model.
You are eligible to request a switch device or replace the screen whenever, wherever, and for whatever reasons. However, please note that your Service Request will only be accepted if the IMEI or serial number of the device you presented during Service Request matches with the IMEI or serial number of the device you registered as the “Registered Device”.
You may raise service request up to 2 times within any rolling 12-month period. The number of Service Request you may raise is subjected to your purchased plan. Check your MyAccount section for details.
You have to pay the service fee by credit card or bank transfer. Switch/screen replacement fee is subjected to 28% or 3% of the Registered Device suggested retail price at the time of applying for this service.
It is not an insurance product and customers can request service for any reason and do not need to prove how the Registered Device was damaged.
We’ll switch your device for a brand new version of the same brand and model. Select the same colour or try a different one.

Feel like switching device brand or style? Choose from our designated models selection and receive a different brand or style of phone within the same generation and price range. Model and colour selection is subject to availability.
Non-upgradable to other models, only equivalent models that is selected from our designated models which are in similar generation and price range.
Normally, the screen will be replaced within 24 hours – subject to parts availability and operating hours from our service provider. (Excluding Sunday and Public Holiday)